Why Choose SoundONE Cornwall Wedding DJ?

We are one of the most experienced wedding DJs in Cornwall and have a proven and verifiable track record for providing entertainment for some of the best wedding receptions cornwall has had. Not only do we supply some of the highest quality disco systems in Cornwall but the standard of our service is far beyoned that of most.

We do not make wild claims like some claiming to be the best or they have 25-30 years experience. We only tell you the facts, we are very, very experienced and for the last 5 years we have do over 100 wedding receptions per year. How do we do so many you ask? simply becasue people have been more than satisfied with our service and so we get a lot of recommendations. There are less than a handful of DJs in Cornwall who can honestly claim this.


Booking SoundONE Cornwall Wedding DJ is very easy:

There are just a few things we need to know before we will accept a booking, most importantly is the DATE you require the DJ / Disco We are always very busy so the date is crucial, because before we can even give you a quote, we need to check if we have that date available.

Once you have clicked on the "Pay £100.00 to reserve your date" you will be redirected to PayPal's secure payment page. If you don't have a PayPal account just select Debit or Credit Card payment method, all you need to do is enter your name and address, click on Review Order and then Continue to proceed with the payment.

Next we need to know the start and end times, because we don't have a fixed price disco, so the start and end times will make a difference to the price we quote.

We also need to know the approximate number of guest expected, the last thing anyone wants is a disco that doesn't have enough power for the amount of guests in attendance and there is certainly no point in taking up more space or being overpowered.

We also need to know the location of the venue, or better still which venue it is, because we have performed in hundreds of venues in and around Cornwall and so are quite familiar with a lot of them, but obviously there are so many, we're not going to know them all.

Typically we will arrive at your venue just over an hour before we are due to perform as this gives us plenty of time to get the equipment in and set up on time. This is assuming the venue has easy access and is on ground level. If the venue has poor access or we need to transport equipment across a car park, up or down stairs, through a series of corridors or we are unable to get our van close to the venue then obviously we will require more than an hour to be set up in time. In circumstances such as this, we ask that you always let us know of anything which may mean we need to allow more time to set up because if it's a venue we are not familiar with or have not been to before and we only discover these difficulties when we arrive, we may not be able to be setup on time.

With this information we are able to give you an accurate, all inclusive quotation.

SoundONE Cornwall Wedding DJ Early Setup

Early Setup is an additional service that we are able to offer and this can be extremely useful for some venues. By early setup we mean setting up the equipment earlier in the day, typically one or more hours before we are due to perform. We can come in and set up at a pre-arranged time, usually before the guests arrive so that both you and your guests do not need to be disturbed.

Early Setup is especially useful if your venue only has a single function room and no other area for your guests to use. Often at these types of venue the equipment can only be brought in before the guests arrive.

You may also want early setup to take advantage of the fact that as the equipment is in-situ and ready to go, we can, if you require, play background music during the Wedding Breakfast and/or at other times. For your speeches we can have our radio microphones set-up and ready for you to use, thus avoiding the need to talk loudly or shout so that the guests furthest away are able to hear.

Important booking information

One of the most important things when booking a DJ for your wedding is to make sure you have a booking contract, without a booking contract you don't have a booking. All you're doing is taking a big risk and a chance that any DJ you think you have booked may turn up. We have honestly lost count of the number of times the phone rings and someone says: "Would you be able to help us tonight because the DJ we booked has just let us down."

Once we have confirmed your date, times and system requirements we will quote you an all inclusive price. We will not hold any date without a booking fee being paid in advance, normally £100.00. Once a booking fee has been paid, we will then send you a booking contract, upon returning this contract to us, your booking is confirmed and we guarantee we will provide you with a high quality DJ / Disco for your wedding and you will NOT be let down.

Booking SoundONE Cornwall Wedding DJ for your Wedding

Now it gets easy, because you have already done the hardest part by deciding to book SoundONE Cornwall Wedding DJ for your Wedding. Please either use our CONTACT US form, all you need to do is fill out the quick and basic online form and provide as much information as you can; date, times, venue, what the access is like to the venue etc and we will be in contact with you the very same day, or should you prefer you can call us on: 07751 814284 for and quick easy quotation.